Reed Enger, design for artificial intelligence

2023: Conceived of, designed, and built Google’s first personal AI agents, combining screen understanding, automation, memory, and personalization into entities capable of learning about their user and acting on their behalf.

2022: Designed Google’s first AI co-writing tool for Google Docs, launched as part of Duet AI in May 2023, followed by the first standalone writing tool designed to support LLM’s parallel text outputs.

2021: Developed and tested patterns for fully dynamic screen adaptation for cross-device display and eyes-free-hands-free experiences.

2020: UX for AI-powered Android vision, including universal input and dynamic intelligence layer. Informed Android’s multiyear roadmap and Pixel’s in-development AI UX.

2019: Designed Magic Circle automation cursor and NLP labels for Android Voice Access, first accessibility tool to use ML-based computer vision to drive voice control. Drove installs from 300k to 209M, and made Popular Science’s top 100 innovations of the year.

2011-2023: Founder and author of Obelisk Art History, humanities platform sharing stories of art and artists from more than 100 countries with a focus on women, non-western, and queer artists.