Reed Enger, history & design

I’m a designer and writer working in NYC. Typeface design and book layout were my first loves, shaping my preference for quiet, accessible design.

I grew up entranced by a hand-me-down copy of Janson’s History of Art, a vast, solemn timeline in monochrome plates. Ten years ago I began Obelisk Art History both in homage to this monolithic text and as a refutation of the white male canon it established. Today, Obelisk is used by universities and art lovers around the world and shares the stories of artists from more than 100 countries with a focus on womxn, non-western and queer artists. I research and write new content for Obelisk daily.

Currently I lead a small Google xAI team designing and prototyping intuitive device intelligence. The work is an exercise in reduction, measured by the contradicting goals of invisibility and candor. I can’t share my Google projects, but feel free to contact me for info.